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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘all the trees’

A young married couple has their first child.
The boy is born retarded.
The mother can’t take it, abandons them before the first year.
The father is left to care for the child, alone.
He devotes himself.
He builds a world in which the boy can develop, and be happy,
and be safe.A private world.

As the play begins, the boy is 19 years old.
The special relationship between father and son is apparent.
He cares for and protects his child in the physical, emotional,
and spiritual sense,This is a world that works.
For the two who are inside it.

After a routine visit to the doctor,
the father is found to be in the advanced stages of a terminal
disease.He is shocked and destroyed.He has just enough time
to make arrangements for the care of his son.His world.

As he visits a ‘facility’ that handles such things,
he is confronted with the ‘real world’.
And how it works, and how it works over people like father and son.
Options and time are running out.
After the neighborhood children have left the party celebrating
his boy’s 20th birthday, the father, with tears in his eyes,
and unbearable sadness in this heart, sits on the sofa,
with his boy cradled in his arms for the last time.
As he is about to do the unthinkable.

The play ‘all the trees’ is about love and its cost,
as reality consumes its structure.
God speaks.A father reacts.Then, the world speaks.
And it does not stop.
A tragic story of cruelty and beauty.
Nature meets human nature.
And that’s life.

The title comes from one of the children’s stories
(collected and re-written for this play)
that the father and son share.

‘If all the seas were one sea – What a great sea that would be.
If all the trees were one tree – What a great tree that would be.
And if all the axes were one axe – What a great axe that would be…’

The father never hesitated.
Never doubted the life he gave his son.And, due to circumstance,
the life he took from him.
After the funeral, a broken heap of a man.
He finds himself in the doctor’s office.
The doctor says in all his years, he’s never seen something
like this.Maybe it’s a miracle.
The tumor’s gone.Your vitals are fine.
Now you can go and live your life.

The man who knew what was right.
And did what was right.And never thought about the cost,
is thinking now.
He has been brutalized.He has been beaten.
And he has been so deeply hurt – Just like his retarded son.
And now…He is angry.