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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘drummer goes home’

the stage is black.
the sounds of a train station:bustling people.p.a.announcing
schedules fades up.then,add in train engine,steam whistle,
the clanging of iron.
Next Coleman Hawkins unaccompanied tenor sax solo ‘Piccasso”
enters the mix.
the ‘live’drumer off-stage (an integral member of the cast)
joins in on brushes, imitating the sound of the train.
Finally,all sounds fade out – Except for the ‘live’ drummer,
who plays like ‘a train going down the track’.
He begins slowing down,as if the train is running out of steam.
Finally,he comes to a stop.
He immediately begins playing a simple,primitive beat on the tom-tom.
Light fades up on Miss Sadie,neighbor in her 70’s.She speaks:

“The drum is man’s oldest instrument.
It expresses…
An instinctive love of rhythm.
It is a teacher…It is a mother.
It is a call to life.A call to battle.
A requiem for the fallen…”

The play ‘drummer goes home’ is about the last jazz man.
What made his life is what made his music.
An all black cast is required.

The man they called Drummer,worked over 40 years for the
Union Pacific Railroad
And he was a jazz drummer for even longer.
Out-dated transportation.Out-dated music.
But his music was transportation.
Because it took the people where they were going.

He raised his granddaughter,Hannah.Now,she cares for him.
In his last days,she wants to send him off knowing that
she’ll be all right.
But it’s a modern world.
And she is a product of the Drummer’s house.