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l.d. levy plays/and plays


1. what is the meaning of life ?

seek to understand it. make it beautiful.

2. what is the ‘new stage’ in theatre ?

the desire ‘to know’ replaces the impluse ‘to show’.
thus the triumph of humility over ego.
when we humble ourselves,the universe opens,
and the world changes.
and the platform is the new stage.

3. how will the ‘new stage’ come about ?

when the drama club’s hold on the theatre is weakened
by the physics club,the philosophy club,the orchestra,
and possibly a cheerleader or two.
go team.

4. what is the problem with the drama club ?

their undying fascination with themselves.

5. does this have an effect on the ‘new stage’ ?

see next question.

6. if a tree falls in the forest,and there is no one there to hear it,
does it make a sound ?

yes.the most beautiful sound in the world.

7. ou est Roger Blin ?

tristement,il n’est pas ici.

8. does l.d.levy play jazz ?

no.he plays music that has been influenced by jazz.
respect and nature move him to go forward.
and back.

9. why do some people miss certain plays and certain music, completely ?

those who read and listen (live)
in a place of politics and pattern are necessarily limited
to superficial response.
plays and music that have bypassed the conscious mind
in their creation,go directly to a deeper level of being
within said persons.

confronted with a greater version of themselves,
they feel frightened,and threatened.
And they shut down.
remaining a stranger to themselves.