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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘manna live’ (comedy)

A rock and roll band with a dream.
Practicing in the guitar player’s mother’s basement.
Determined.United.Confident their hard work and dedication
will be rewarded one day.
They’re in their late 40’s.

They are not hobbyists.They are lifers.
Andy.Guitar.Lead vocals.The visionary.
Put on some weight over the years, so the tight jeans and tight shirts
have gotten even tighter.
Focused.Earnest.Tends to chain-eat.
Ricky.Bass guitar.The voice of reason.
Not much hair left under the baseball cap,
but maybe nobody will notice.
Bones.(real name Norman)Drums.Still skinny, but now weathered,
and a bit scratchy.The rebel.Salt-free diet.

The play ‘manna live’ is a comedy that looks at an unsuccessful
middle-aged rock band, and what it takes for them to survive
in a hostile world.

It takes a leader who is tone-deaf.
To the whispers and insults of a culture that only values winners.
It takes a bass player who secretly got a job decades earlier,
and has quietly become rich enough to finance the others,
without them knowing it.
It takes a drummer who can still pick up girls, as long as he’s had
a nap, and says; “the world calls me a failure.Failure is a crime.
So, I am a criminal”.

Until the dream comes true, Andy has a paper hat burger joint job.
His teenage bosses are merciless, and what a surprise –
they’re musicians.
Ricky quietly makes money to keep hope alive.
Bones has discovered a talent for taking things that don’t
belong to him.The figurative criminal literally becomes one.

As the guys are approaching their big break –
A ‘battle of the bands’, featuring the best teenage groups in the county,
an investigator appears on the scene.An ominous figure walking
a surreal line as he looks into the symbolic and concrete
criminal activities of the band.

Andy is also aided in his rock and roll fantasy by his lady, Daisy.
A free spirit emanating in a fragrance of rosewood oil.
And onion rings.She also wears the clothing of her youth, despite
the excess weight she’s packed on.Though, very mindful of health
issues, as she reminds Andy, it’s better to eat cheeseburgers than
hamburgers, because with the cheese it’s more vegetarian.
At one point, the two are talking about how Andy is viewed
by the eyes of society.He asks, what about your eyes.She says:
“Blurred by time.
Closed by need.
Crossed by the stars.

And blinded.By love.”