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l.d. levy plays/and plays


mouth shut.mind/heart open.
first steps to developing a relationship
with the space which is around us.

with time, you learn how to enter it.
to allow it to enter you.
this is the key to greater, deeper expression
in music, and in a play.

heightened awareness of what occupies the space which is seen.
and more importantly, that which is there, but is not seen.
(emotion,intention,god perhaps)

after more time and devotion,
oneness with the space becomes a natural way.
like breathing.
listening skills sharpen,preconceptions dissolve.
instincts rise.
a balance of logic and freedom is the result.
the expression will at once have strong root and spontaneity.

music must have drama. drama must have music.
and it comes in each,as command of the space.
she is abundant.she is mysterious.
and she holds everything.