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l.d. levy plays/and plays


In a cold dark alley, as the millennium changes,
an old man frantically searches through a dumpster.
He is disoriented, upset.
He talks to himself in a middle european accent.
He searches for the fragments of his life.
As he has just been fired from his job, and panics for his future.
He is spotted by a young police officer,
who makes his way from the street, into the alley.
He approaches the old man.He wants to know what’s going on.
The man is ranting and rummaging.The cop continues to press him.
He demands that he calm down. Maybe the black uniform and the yelling
reminds him of something from his past.They argue.
The cop puts his hands on him.And before he knows it –
Something happens.
Something more than the death of an old man.

The play ‘millennium’ reveals the path of a young police officer,
and his transformation into something different.
From a mind of black and white – To a mind with shades of gray.
From a small world, to a complex world.
From belief without question – To thought.And a thousand questions.

Something happened in that alley.
Modern man spiraled down.
And he met primitive man on his way.
Primitive man killed modern man.
And so became modern man.

The cop has a moment to decide what to do.He checks to make sure
he was not seen.He puts the body into the dumpster,
and sneaks out of the alley.
Primitive man does what he does.Modern man knows what he’s done.
Conscience is born.The officer is haunted.

He calls on the widow, to learn more of the old man.
He sees a stack of cds of the music of Bartok.He inquires.
In her accent the widow replies: “I didn’t listen to this music.
I never understood it.
I think…you have to be full of the world to know…
Ben loved this music.”
The cop says: “He carries it with him.”
She says: “He has no need for it now.He left it for me…”
Before he leaves, he asks if he can borrow a Bartok cd.She says no.
I will not lend you one, but I will give you one.She looks at him,
as if knowing everything, hands it to him and says:
“…Because I think you’re going to need it.”

The music of Bartok is heard throughout the play, as an accompaniment
to the young policeman’s odyssey down the path of no return.