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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘picture im/perfect’ (comedy)
(aussi en francais: ‘image im/parfaite’)

A guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office.Funny.
A french guy walks into a french psychiatrist’s office.Funnier.

Henri Pousse is a wimpish young man with low self-esteem.
Dr. Cloget assures him he is a suave, self-confident lady’s man.
He claims ‘the parts are there’.Henri says the parts are missing.
The doctor says, we will find them together.

The play ‘picture im/perfect’ is a comedy around the idea that the mind tends to complete a partial picture.
Suggestion, trance phenomena, hallucination – Tools of the trade.
For the one in the chair, and the one on the couch.
As it is very evident from the moment they meet –
The doctor is crazier then the patient.

Further consultation is indicated so the two go to St.Anne’s.
As they walk through the halls,Henri realizes this is an
insane asylum.
Dr. Cloget pops his head into some rooms and makes some diagnoses:
“Mr. Trudeau.You are not a pretzel.
So…Un-twist yourself and get back in the box.Uh,bed.”
“Mr. Argent.Your are not an attorney.Please.
Stop playing with yourself.”

They finally meet up with Dr. Lebeque, a beautiful young woman,
who might be the craziest of the three.
Rightly, or wrongly, they are collected by the authority
and placed in a room, where they are drugged.
And where they dream.
First, as soldiers in a war.Then as white mice in a laboratory.
Finally, as angels in heaven.
All are victims of circumstance.
All sacrifice something of themselves for the benefit of others.
Life as we live it.
The pictures will be completed.
One way, or another.