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l.d. levy plays/and plays

'suicide diner'

A rundown little diner, just off the highway.
Low counter, low stools.Old juke box in the corner.
Payphone on the wall.
Bea is the name of the waitress.Cook is the name of the cook.
This little piece of americana is a place where people come
to commit suicide.

Tonight,there are two customers checking the menu.
A quiet one she calls ‘Hands”.And a noisy one she calls ‘Cappy”.
He asks her why the diner exists.Bea tells him:
“…If you talk to a friend about it,well…He’s in.
If you die,he’s fucked.See ? You go.He stays.You’re done
He’s cooked.No…when it comes to suicide,it’s much better
to talk to someone that doesn’t give a shit.Like a waitress.”

The play ‘suicide diner’ is a surreal presentation around
the theme of suicide.Man against himself.Against his world.
Against his god.
The waitress Bea tosses off clinical insights as she’s serving
hash browns.Cook is a simple man, who takes orders.
Though is reluctant to follow orders.He quotes Shakespeare
without knowing it,and calls Bea back to the kitchen to help
with a problem.It seems there’s a gap between aspiration and
Not again…

The stories of the two patrons are revealed through the evening
which includes some visiting guests,some unusual stimuli,
and some gun play from the kitchen.

The suicide diner does not judge,or interfere.
It’s a place where people go to sort out their intentions.
And their wishes.
Tourists and purists.
Death as an option leaves more on the menu.
Who owns the body ? Who has the say ?
If life is a gift,and death is a gift…
What is the difference between the two.