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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘the specialists’

A large company is in the process of down-sizing its operation.
Two specialists have been brought in.
They have determined that either the advertising department,
or the legal department will have to go.
The specialists are gay.
But they are of two different minds.

The play ‘the specialists’ looks at homosexuality.
As it is placed in the world.As it is placed under heaven.
One specialist is ‘party-line’.
He alines with the advertising department.
The other specialist argues ‘natural law’.
He alines with the legal department.

For one man, image is the selling point.
Sell yourself on yourself.Then, sell the world.
Image is everything.
For the other to be gay is to be different.
Our union will not bear fruit.
Let the heteros guarantee the continuation of life.
We will guarantee that that life is worth something.
And god has spoken.

The specialists will define the company.
They may define the world.
If they can define themselves.

As the meeting with the specialists begins, the two departments heads
are quick to point out the value of the other department,
to the company.
But when the purpose of the meeting is made clear,
the two go at each other with everything they’ve got.

Every point about image, perception, law and protection
made by the department heads, is also stating the case
for each specialist.
They fight for their existence.And a parallel universe presents.
But it doesn’t stay parallel for long.
It circles, and parries.And bumps and grinds.
Until someone come out.
On top.