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l.d. levy plays/and plays

‘three alone’

Three young toughs (two guys and a girl) up to no good.
Sit with themselves in a bar.The caper:
They have learned there is an old man in a big house,
On a secluded hill,on the outskirts of town.
He is a millionaire – And he lives alone.
The three are going up the hill to rob him.

They arrive at the house,a dark november night.
They ring the bell.the door is opened by the man.
He is wearing a white button-down shirt,collar open,
and a pair of gray trousers.
The three push their way into the foyer.
Soon enough,another man comes down the staircase.
He is the same age as the other man.Physically,they are very
similar.He is dressed exactly as the other man is dressed.
One is the millionaire,master of the house.
The other is his butler.
Which one is which ? They refuse to say.
Why ?

The three clearly got bad information.
One of the older gentleman says they’ve got bad genes.
Which one said it ?
And how come no one can tell the difference between
‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ ?

The play ‘three alone’ is about power struggle,
and the ensuing result.
Within groups.within conflicting groups.
And within the individual.

A battle of wills is a battle of emotions.
And the only thing that replaces an emotion – is another emotion.
With the intensity of the evening,they are changing and
exchanging back and forth.

In a confrontation of violence,who comes out on top –
The better man,or the better beast ?
How can you tell which is which ?
See the other,but don’t see yourself.
Self-consciousness is impotence.
And impotence is the end of the line.

The sad story of the past has created the house.
The present conditions will determine the trio.
And the future will be in the hands of the master.
Or the servant.