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l.d. levy plays/and plays

what about the music of david murray.the music of james newton.the music of ken vandermark ? she coyly mused.
you call that progressive jazz,or avant garde jazz.
what about serious improvisational music, the field of undiscovered musical brilliance?
thanks.i’d love an hors d’oeuvre.
you’re hungry for something french.
how about the plays of jean paul sartre.or the philosophy of the absurd,as expressed in the plays of eugene ionesco?
now that’s what i could go for,she said,seductively leaning to the left.
progressive theatre.creative dramatic production.profound and unusual playwrights.
theatre people in new york,theatre people in london, little theatre groups and fringe theatres should all take note,if not a powder.
i’ve been waiting for godot for so long,frankly,he’s starting to piss me off.
i know what you mean.
they’re giving old samuel beckett lip service,which is something like a religious service if you looked,he said,moving closer to her thigh.but the world theatre is wearing the emperor’s new clothes.leaving the undiscovered playwright naked – not nude.
i just want new dramatic works!i just want brilliant comedy plays!i just want bass clarinet virtuosity!i just want instrumental music of great emotional depth! she chimed.
then i must go,he said,shrinking to the door.
i can never fulfill your needs.it’ll take a shaman.
ain’t that a shame.
not even an hors d’oeuvre.